Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fairy Magic

Fairy Magic

Follow the footsteps of the fairies
they will lead you silently
across the field of berries
prancing alone with silver wings
in mystical gardens full of many things

Along the fairy paths are cloves
trolls hide under the bridges by the droves
worry not; a bark keeper with a hollow soul
will keep things under control

Waterfalls with shining lights
trees that whisper during the night
"come," they say," let me fill you with delight"

Beyond the gate; magical dragons await
don't hesitate, they are spell weavers
that will make you believers
There is no anger in their fire
only wanting to please your desire

Wizards dance with silhouettes
along the castle walls
and if you peek through the windows
you can see beasts and beauties
dancing in the halls

Yes, all things are mystical
much more masterful
when we can believe in fantasies
that are sooooooooo colorful

copyright 2003 by shyloh

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Turning the Pages

Turning the pages

Winter will come to a close
A new year will soon begin
turning the pages
back through time

Cuddled up in front of a fireplace
feeling calm and blessed
watching snowflakes dancing out my window
landing softly; coming to a rest

Thoughts of family and friends
good times that we never
want to end
smiles and laughter everywhere
holding on because we care

Nights of silence bring
memories of past to light
in the stillness pages keep turning
thoughts keep churning
blow, blow, old winter wind
for a new year is about to begin

The blaze in the fire
continues to glow
the stars are beginning
to fade out of sight
memories of past, I must let go
the night is becoming light
so to one and to all
a sweet good night

copyright 2007 by shyloh

Monday, November 24, 2008

I Can only Imagine

I can only Imagine

I can only imagine
what he looks like,
for I have never looked upon his face.

I can only imagine
him touching me,
for his hands have ever felt me.

I can only imagine
what his kisses would taste like,
for his mouth has never met mine.

I can only imagine
by the way I feel inside,
because he holds the key to my heart.

I can only imagine
He Is An Angel

copyright 2007 by shyloh

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Soul Collector

Happy Halloween!!!

Soul Collector

Surrender to me my desire
I will not let you fall
your blood is all I require
that's all

Let me taste your mind
it won't take me long at all

I can set you free
no more misery
in that twisted
mind of imagery

I left my tomb to be with you
my appetite for your soul
just grows and grows

Let me be your sweet escape
I lust for your liquid life
I can control almost anything
but not to save your life

let me have my fill
just for this night
with one

Friday, September 19, 2008

This Structure

This Structure

By the edge of water

Flavored divination

Flames attacking

The power of the sun

Magic moon waxing

Making fog mists

Passageways to otherworlds

Burial sites of myths

White stones of ancient times

Transformed and spiraling

Made a path through the sky

rings of fire circling

Arrangements of carvings

Upon the walls, writings

Of prophecies pleading

Brilliant white bowl

The hemisphere unfolds

Ecstatic visions clear

Of minds of mortal souls

What secrets does it hide?

Is there a task required

To unlock the deep

Interpretation inside?

copyright 2000 by shyloh

Monday, August 18, 2008

Charms of Magic

Charms of Magic

Charms of magic all around
endless stories that will cause
you to smile even for a little while

In the enchanted forest
there are many trails, beside each brook
roots of ash trees and golden wishing wells

Fairy lakes that walk like shadows
but swift as a gust of wind
spinning and turning at every bend
little butterflies with rainbow wings
will enchant you with treasures in misty springs

Dragonflies dance in the glass rose garden
with silent feet, every move is a sweet berry treat

Druids chant all day long
"drink the silver water
from primrose pond"

Elves with funny stripped socks
also chant along
"drink or be gone, drink or be gone"

Moon spheres laughing as we pass by
shooting little crooked darts to make us cry

Stories such as these
are always meant to please
I love the enchanted forest
even the vanishing trees

Use your imagination
as much as you can
it brings life right
to the palm of your hands

copyright 2000 by shyloh

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Nature Of Creation

The Nature Of Creation

Come; take my hand
I want to show you something
in a far away land

It's a midnight rainbow
in the horizon
it's like a magical
moving towards you

Each step dancing, flowing,
showing its rhythm
as the air moves
it circles the earth
refreshing, awakening

Revealing love within
It arches the sky
meeting the earth
blending into one

It is the nature of

copyright 2007 by shyloh