Friday, September 19, 2008

This Structure

This Structure

By the edge of water

Flavored divination

Flames attacking

The power of the sun

Magic moon waxing

Making fog mists

Passageways to otherworlds

Burial sites of myths

White stones of ancient times

Transformed and spiraling

Made a path through the sky

rings of fire circling

Arrangements of carvings

Upon the walls, writings

Of prophecies pleading

Brilliant white bowl

The hemisphere unfolds

Ecstatic visions clear

Of minds of mortal souls

What secrets does it hide?

Is there a task required

To unlock the deep

Interpretation inside?

copyright 2000 by shyloh


Bee said...

That was... ethereal.

shyloh said...

Thank you Bee. Nice seeing you.

Jeff Baker said...

I fall into the imagery and wish to remain there. Thanks again. Peace to you Shyloh -- jb

shyloh said...

HI JEFF. Thank you so much. Peace to you too.

Alex said...

Our Structure

We sat by the edge of water

Savored divination

Saw sun flames attacking

But not us

Soon the magic moon waxed

Then the mist of fog came

Some a passageway to other worlds

But no burial site for us

Some white stones from our ancient lives

Rose transformed and spiraling above us

A future path through the sky

Then rings of fire to light the way

Suddenly an arrangements of carvings

Upon the walls, with writings

Our prophecy, not pleading

Just daring us

A brilliant white bowl appeared

Our hemisphere unfolds

Ecstatic visions appear

One mind one immortal soul

Still a secret to hide?

Still a task required ?

Something still deep ?

Interpretation inside?

OPG 2008