Sunday, November 19, 2006

I was born to love you

I was born to love you

As I lay before you
In the house of desire
I surrender
because I am so into you

Stolen moments in the summer rain
holding you close: a seducing dance
delighting your every desire
wrapping me in your splendor

My request
touch me
and do the things
you do so well

The sweetest sound
your breathing in my ear
The finest fragrance you wear
is nite rapture
And I love the way you take me there

You are my gift
you are indescribable
irresistible; a beautiful dream
come true, a gentle surrender
I was born to love you

And I do

copyright 2006 by shyloh


Me.. said...

heyy shyloh..
the man must be smiling with this crown on his head.. and u in his heart..

how've u been..??

shyloh said...

Me.. said...

heyy shyloh..
the man must be smiling with this crown on his head.. and u in his heart..

how've u been..??

Hello sweet me, I have been just awesome.. Hope you are too.. And hope you are having great days ahead.

Love to you always and forever.

Me.. said...

gotta tell u woman.. im in love with this pic accompanying this poem..
hits me straight in the eye.. and then the soul..

Joel said...

I am touched and awed by your writings and the soul from which it flows from.
Continued writing and continued success.

Aristocrat said...

Hope you are doing well, milady...

AnonymousCog said...

Hi Shyloh,

Just stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas.


grumblefish said...

Howdy Shy-

Hope you're spooling down for a delightful holiday. Looking forward to more of your words in 07
(after you make it through ;-)

Me.. said...

shine n rise.. some more this year.. towards everything that u love.. and smile at..



Me.. said...

how be u, shyloh..??

it's really beena long time.. i hope u're healthy and fine..

overseers said...

hi shy longtime no type.
it me overseers.


i know i haven't been around..i have been mainly on 360..i have always loved your poetry..i have a private site that i just started and would love to see your poems on is protected by a you won't have to worry about your poems.

Me.. said...

and i was born to love u.. :)

where art thou..??

Anonymous said...

Hi Shylon !
If you remember I am saeed visiting your site from Iran and I was one of visitors of Rainbow ,s Open Forum Discussion about one year ago. But it is longer time I have lost their web address . if possible let me know Rainbow,s address ,too. I found yours from google site. I am very glad that I can be one of your website visitors again.
saeed from Iran
my email :
my website :

Anonymous said... has a tribute for Paul of spiritualdiablog and now in his new website Hope u can join us in this tribute .. and if u can help spread the word about it among his blog friends

Bob Loblah said..., no, no, and no again.... was Bob Loblah dat was born to love you.

( didja miss'em )

Forever and Ever
Bob Loblah