Thursday, April 26, 2007

Who's your Daemon

What do you think, do we agree?

Click the rabbit to do yours.


Alex said...

I agree!!!! I put your "Proud" button to full throttle because I've seen you in full flight after being teed off. All Wolf and I can do is bay at the moon when that happens until you "land". It's surprising how one young wolf and one old fox can get along / have much in common when this type of "separation" happens. Wolf and I were wondering if you would be willing to package some of your red hair in little vials to help out "green"?????

Alex said...

Read your "Bye everyone it has been nice!! Sometimes! I will always love you for who you are!" on ---------. Unless I’m totally asleep that means you’ve shut it down friends or not. You’ve also closed out one other a couple of days ago. If you’re working your way through all your posts, I might as well wish you Happy Birthday on June 26th since by then probably nothing of yours on which to post. I suspect there is more between us than passing the time of day. It should prove interesting to see which way S. is going to bounce. She’s only slightly more complicated than you but, needless to say, much more powerful. I sense "But Always" was dictated by the Divine S..

But Always

Virtual kiss

Virtual eyes

Virtual sparkle

Virtual thoughts

Real feel

Real love

Real Come

Real Go

Real love

Real Push

Real light

Never Went

Never easy

No maybe

No chance

No journey

No home

My heart

Your heart

Our one

Our Just Is

No wishes

No breath

No worries

One cherish

One Soul

One treasure

One meaningful

Don’t know

Don’t care

No length

No when

But always

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