Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fairy Magic

Fairy Magic

Follow the footsteps of the fairies
they will lead you silently
across the field of berries
prancing alone with silver wings
in mystical gardens full of many things

Along the fairy paths are cloves
trolls hide under the bridges by the droves
worry not; a bark keeper with a hollow soul
will keep things under control

Waterfalls with shining lights
trees that whisper during the night
"come," they say," let me fill you with delight"

Beyond the gate; magical dragons await
don't hesitate, they are spell weavers
that will make you believers
There is no anger in their fire
only wanting to please your desire

Wizards dance with silhouettes
along the castle walls
and if you peek through the windows
you can see beasts and beauties
dancing in the halls

Yes, all things are mystical
much more masterful
when we can believe in fantasies
that are sooooooooo colorful

copyright 2003 by shyloh


Alex said...

Butterfly Magic

Follow the wing of a butterfly
who will lead you breathlessly
across the thorns
prancing along with the currents
through mystical gardens full of many things

Along the curving fairy paths
Over trolls hiding under the bridges
No worries

A waterfall here
Whispering trees there
Follow her wings,
No flap, always smooth

Sometimes a dragon
No hesitation
Some fire
Some Smoke
Okey Doke

A Magic Wizard
What Magic here
Only love.
My Beloved

Yes, all things are Butterfly
A flap here,
A flap there
But at the end
An what else matters?????

Anne said...

this is such a delightful write...i remember a post i wrote about a fairy, something that actually kind of contrasts what you wrote..sharing it here now:

Once in my life I was free to soar, to sing, to shout at the top of my lungs, to think of anything and give life to it like a god growing wings to a worm...I was freer, if not completely free. I didn't have anything to own, nothing to be concerned about, but myself and my endless wanderlust.

Until love made me a slave of many kinds. My hands and feet got tied with ludicrous obsession to please and perverted desire to get hurt over and over...what have become of me? Never in my million imaginings did I ever think pain could be this addictive. I cringe at the thought of myself licking on my own blood and feeling so alive with its taste.

If only I could find a cave in which I could yield and conceal myself from this world. I am too much embarrassment. My existence is a shame to the rest of the dancing elegantly powerful fairies where I used to belong.

I loathe love and anything that it resonates. It's like a cancer that has stricken me, leaving me with no other choice but to lie in my death bed and wait till it finally consumes my flesh to rot.

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