Monday, August 27, 2007

Confession of a shy Woman

Confession of a shy woman.

There has never been a man quite like you, you just came into my life and knew exactly what to do.

Day dreaming all day long, about the things you say to me, I have never felt so beautiful and sensually free.

How do you know how to take my breath away? You have me climbing the walls each and every day.

Sitting here staring at the monitor, nothing to see, except the most beautiful words ever written to me.

My heart is beating faster and faster with each and every word I read, if I had one wish granted to me, you would never leave me, that would be my plea.

Our soul's on a journey we finally met, for this I thank God without any regret.

You have brought me nothing but sweet bliss, so I will end this poem by sealing it with a kiss.

copyright 2007 by shyloh


jOolian said...

shloh ::
...awwwh...such sweet tingled words to start the 'morn.... i really dig the style of yer blog... (yes, i write like a hick, or at least 'hook'd on phonics' mode). ...But yes, very endearing, and i plan to venture more a'boot yer blogs... stunning pics and color palette!!!
~ julian

jOolian said...

i spelled yer name way so wrong
~i apologize, shYloh~
please do forgive

shyloh said...

Oh it is ok. I would be lost without spellcheck <--one word or two haha told ya. Thank you for your nice comments..

Alex said...

The universe is full of surprises and sometimes one is delivered to you!!! The question, sometimes, is who sent it and why?????

shyloh said...

Hi Alex that is true sometimes. Or maybe all the time ha.

trouble said...

Very, very beautiful. You still have the touch.

shyloh said...

trouble said...

Very, very beautiful. You still have the touch.

5:26 PM

Thank you!

Rolando said...

If he knows exactly what to do, then he's playin you. j/k

Awesome words! Exactly how I felt about my wife during our first months of courtship, but in a manly way. :)

Michael B. Dycus, Ph.D said...

I've been reading your work for some time now.

Once again, I stand in awe, and in perpetual amazement of your growing talent...each piece, much more engaging and powerful than before.

Please, never stop this beautiful, creative, imaginative work.

You are truly a Precious Light.