Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In a room with a View

In a room with a View

In a room with a view
hangs a portrait of you

On the table; a letter unread
I didn't have to open it
I knew what it said

I miss whispering poetic words
during night scenes
before a beautiful slumber
in watercolored dreams

Now I love you from afar
not knowing where you are
reflections of yesterday
memories today

I am a woman misplaced
only with thoughts of you
that I tenderly embrace
in a room with a view
and a portrait of you

copyright 2007 by shyloh


Alex said...

Sometimes a door closes because it has meant to close for reasons that aren’t clear to us. Sometimes a door opens, and there is a struggle to keep it open as it swings back and forth. Sometimes we don’t see why, but if we keep on trying sometimes it widens enough so that something truly wonderful comes into your life. The trick, of course, is to distinguish between the doors!!!

Dan Hanosh said...


Beautifully written . . . Our memories grow weak unless we give them watercolor visions and immortality.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams Are Yours To Share

Rolando said...

I've had such a letter once in life. It changed me, made me stronger.