Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fairy Tale Form

Fairy Tale Form

All things are magical and mystical in fairy tale form
like floating in a glass bottom boat; during a silver rain storm

If by chance with your hands; you catch a shooting star You'll have no trouble catching moonbeams in a jar

Standing on a riverbank, an awesome site to behold
watching moonfish dancing in a lake
they peek out of the water without taking a break

Many things one can accomplish; like a blue bird with only one wing
Can't teach its young to fly, but it sure can teach it to sing

I will lure my knight in shinning armor to my rose filled bed of fantasy dreams
I will place a kiss upon his lips remember, nothing is as it seems

I want to paint unicorns on a landscape under the sea watching all the bubbles floating past me
and watch the lotus bloom under a gold lit moon, I am sure you would agree

It's awesome what the mind can see
have you ever witnessed a rose petal storm
it's so awesome when it done in fairy tale form

So the story has been told, written on paper gold its meant to be read by everyone, young and old

copyright 2002 by shyloh


Alex said...

My Realities and Illusions merged, and the created child was True Love. All things, are now magical and mystical.

Emma Alvarez said...

Life has magic moments,as when you see a dreaming picture and some words that make you think.