Friday, October 26, 2007

Soul Collector

Soul Collector

Surrender to me my desire

I will not let you fall

your blood is all I require

that's all

Let me taste your mind

it won't take me long at all

I can set you free

no more misery

in that twisted

mind of imagery

I left my tomb to be with you

my appetite for your soul

just grows and grows

Let me be your sweet escape

I lust for your liquid life

I can control almost anything

but not to save your life

let me have my fill

just for this night

with one



copyright 2005 by shyloh


Alex said...

I rewrote it and stored it in our pumpkin. As long as you get there before the stroke of midnight on Halloween you should be alllllll right!!!!!!

Michael B. Dycus, Ph.D said...

OK, I'm in. Where do I sign up for this treatment?

shyloh said...

ALEX I have a trogan and lost everything on my computer. Sorry. Please send the link again. I just got my computer back over the weekend.

shyloh said...

Michael B. Dycus, Ph.D said...

OK, I'm in. Where do I sign up for this treatment?

Ha all is free!!!

Alex said...

E-mailed it to your "g" section. Let me know if you've got it!! I had a few typos in it that have been bugging me!!!

Alex said...

I took a guess at your "g"----. If you don't "get" anything, e-mail me at (if you still can stand me after figuring out dashes and ""!!!)

Alex said...

Don't forget to file your flight plan for tonight (Oct.31st!!!)

Marc said...

Very sensual.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Actually, your image of the lady of fangs, looks much like someone I use to know! HEHEH! Good stuff her lady.

Hope your computer is recovering and you dispatched the trojan! They can be sneaky little critters! I've had my share, but no more!


QuotenUnquote said...

sexy and eerie ...enticing