Sunday, November 04, 2007

Night of the Solstice

Night of the Solstice

We have a moon's eye view
watching Orion's starry belt
sailing across the sky
a warrior that one cannot deny

As I gaze into your eyes, your face appears silent
amazed at the scenery of the beautiful hue
what a blessed event to be shared with you

This is the night of the solstice
when the red burning sky sinks deep within our soul
you are breath taking; a sight to behold
you complete me and make me whole

Our first journey our first glimpse
blending into the cosmic events
hold my hand; look into the light
hear songs as the spirits perform
with the beat, our hearts unite
into infinite form

Maybe we can sneak a kiss by Venus
drink from the Milky Way
I don't want to venture alone
here with you in the sea of stars
is where I want to stay

copyright 2004 by shyloh


Alex said...

Any time, any place, any how!!!!

shyloh said...

Alex said...

Any time, any place, any how!!!!

12:14 PM

alex how are you? I read the makeover poem. CUTE!!! Busy as a bee and lots of stuff going on these days.

Missed you. Better behave yourself!

Alex said...

The makeover of the poem(s) comes down through S. since I couldn’t write a meaningful poem to save my Soul. I suppose its’ one of her ways of keeping things going. I’m trying to behave but sometimes things get ( a little) out of hand. I sense that S. has you on a short lease toooo since she has you busy as a little bee with lots of (rewarding) stuff going on. I miss you toooo but I know that S. is keeping you out of (major) trouble so with a partner in crime like her how can I have doubts ???? All trail signs indicate nothing has changed!!!

Gaizabonts said...

wonderful image - great poem - wonderful together

Hawk said...

Shyloh, I love your stuff. The imagery you choose is just phenomenal. Love it, love it, love it!

Rolando said...

Hi Shyloh, that was beautiful. I melted in your words and nearly held out my hand for yours.

PoetPete said...

I have been here a couple of times, and I'm always quite impressed. Not sure if you have heard or have any interest but there is a poetry contest that has a top prize of $10,000 and other prizes. Just click my name for the site. Whatever you do, just keep writing...

Dan Hanosh said...

Beautiful words . . . Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Hawk said...

Have you flown the coop?

I've been doing much traveling lately and am trying to catch-up.

I hope all is well with you lady.

Timbers are sending up on your behalf...

Rob Kistner said...

Well written... and the art is cool.

Writer’s Island… come visit.

tarawat said...

very nice Art :Dzt