Monday, December 24, 2007

Turning The Pages

Turning the pages

Winter will come to a close
A new year will soon begin
turning the pages
back through time

Cuddled up in front of a fireplace
feeling calm and blessed
watching snowflakes dancing out my window
landing softly; coming to a rest

Thoughts of family and friends
good times that we never
want to end
smiles and laughter everywhere
holding on because we care

Nights of silence bring
memories of past to light
in the stillness pages keep turning
thoughts keep churning
blow, blow, old winter wind
for a new year is about to begin

The blaze in the fire
continues to glow
the stars are beginning
to fade out of sight
memories of past, I must let go
the night is becoming light
so to one and to all
a sweet good night

copyright 1007 by shyloh


priya said...

Lovely and winter always brings family and friends close due to holiday season.

Alex said...

Just thinking the other day about your 2007’s adventures and debating whether to wish you a Merry Christmas because I don’t want you to be sad. I was just thinking that we’ve known each other for about 3 years through thick and thin with ups and downs and a few "Oh, well, that’s it." Anyway, the dawn always brings hope and encouragement and S. seems to be still running, organizing and directing our R. in spite of what we may think at any particular instance. If you want to approve me for your myspace OK. If not, OK. I’m sort of conflicted about it because I’m not sure what S. is up too / wants me to do.. I have sensed for awhile that I’m destined to watch you in "Endless Flight" which is OK too. So have a Merry Christmas and I will continue to follow your adventures as best I can!!!

Anonymous said...

Great to see your return. Loved the words you scribed. The rise of the new morning sun brings new hope, new adventures, and new possiblities.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday lady.

May your 2008 be filled with many blessings.

QuotenUnquote said...

its a wonder how all year long we wait for the holidays and when it comes it comes like a blink of an eye... but when it comes we should cherish each moment with the ones we love for us to capture the moment like a camera

Kahdoosch said...

Time takes us into places we might not have imagined has we not seen them, opens our eyes and then opens them again, eh Shy?

In the word born of moment we all do what we can. Drop by for a nice cup of Chai sometime, trueheart, catch up on news, etc, (don't forget the fishnets you promised me :-))