Monday, August 18, 2008

Charms of Magic

Charms of Magic

Charms of magic all around
endless stories that will cause
you to smile even for a little while

In the enchanted forest
there are many trails, beside each brook
roots of ash trees and golden wishing wells

Fairy lakes that walk like shadows
but swift as a gust of wind
spinning and turning at every bend
little butterflies with rainbow wings
will enchant you with treasures in misty springs

Dragonflies dance in the glass rose garden
with silent feet, every move is a sweet berry treat

Druids chant all day long
"drink the silver water
from primrose pond"

Elves with funny stripped socks
also chant along
"drink or be gone, drink or be gone"

Moon spheres laughing as we pass by
shooting little crooked darts to make us cry

Stories such as these
are always meant to please
I love the enchanted forest
even the vanishing trees

Use your imagination
as much as you can
it brings life right
to the palm of your hands

copyright 2000 by shyloh


Alex said...

Charms Of Magic

All around
Some charm
Some magic

Endless story
Enchanted forest
Many trails
Ah, which one

A brook to cross
A root to jump
A wishing well
A drop of time

One fairy lake
A shadow
One breeze

One butterfly
Flit here, flit there
A dancing rainbow
A mist in spring

New Dragonfly
One glass
One rose garden

Ah silent feet
What move now
Sweet berry treat

Hail Druids
Silver Water
What now

Here’s Elves
Striped Socks
Drink Chant

Moon laughs
Through mist
Butterfly soaks
Then rests

No dart today
Just one butterfly
Just one dragonfly

One story
One pleasure
One time
One forever

One love
One enchanted forest
One imagination
You, me

OPG 2008

Jeff said...

Hey, you guys are making me hungry for Lucky Charms! ;-)

Just kidding of course... these are really nice.