Saturday, October 04, 2008

Soul Collector

Happy Halloween!!!

Soul Collector

Surrender to me my desire
I will not let you fall
your blood is all I require
that's all

Let me taste your mind
it won't take me long at all

I can set you free
no more misery
in that twisted
mind of imagery

I left my tomb to be with you
my appetite for your soul
just grows and grows

Let me be your sweet escape
I lust for your liquid life
I can control almost anything
but not to save your life

let me have my fill
just for this night
with one


Dragon Blogger said...

Really enjoyed the poem, nothing like a vampire to stir up the blood.

Alex said...

Sole Collector

Surrender this night to us,

Our Lovely Sole Desire

We will not let us fall

Our blood is all we require

That's all

Let us taste our mind

It won't take us long at all

We can set us free

No more misery

In our twisted

Mind of imagery

We left our tomb to be together

One appetite for our sole desire

Just grows and grows

Let us be our sweet escape

We lust for our Liquid Desire ( well at least you do according to Liquid Desire )

We can control almost anything

But not to save our life

Let us have our fill

Just for this night


Little ½ byte

OPG 2008

Jeff said...

I like it!

Vampires have always been the creepiest of creatures.

Jeff Baker said...


shyloh said...

Thank you Jeff very much.

And you too Jeff baker. I enjoy all of you.

HELLO alex!!!

And dragon blogger.

Happy Halloween

Alex said...

S. reminds you to file your (endless) flight plan for tonight (October 31st) because she "understands" you might forget. I just think you’re "enigmatic" and beyond my simple imagination. OPG says he’ll lower the Butterfly nets ( because he thinks you’re wonderful )!!!

Bee said...

I loved it, Shyloh! I have a thing for vampires... ;o)

Bee said...

And... THANKS! :o)